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Afaayo Foundation Uganda

Afaayo Foundation Uganda is a non-denominational Registered Christian community based organization based in Uganda specifically operating in the Busoga region of Uganda.

Afaayo, as famously known on ground has a mandate of serving the least luckily, marginalised and isolated persons in the rural communities with an aim of enhancing their lives morally, socially , spiritually and physically. We do this in partner…ship with the local churches which are entrance points into these five villages where we serve. 

Amongst those that we serve are the Orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and Youth, Widows, Elderly, single mothers, people living with HIV/AIDS and the rural pastors who are caught up within the dilemma of fighting for survival and seeking the Lord on behalf of their congregation.  Eastern Africa experiences tremendous number of deaths due to Malaria and the AIDS epidemic. As a consequence, there are over 2.5 million orphans (UNICEF). 

The need in rural villages in particularly great, since the majority of the Ugandan population is from rural villages (UNICEF), and many organizations do not work in villages due to difficulties in accessibility. 

Afaayo’s approach to the care of orphans differs from some organizations in that they care for orphans within family setting and within their villages or relocate them and place them under a shelter of a responsible elder as opposed to orphanages. Orphans are typically adopted by relatives, so Afaayo helps with the support of these orphans within their original adoption. Within this family approach to care, Afaayo additionally supports widows, many of whom care for the orphans supported by Afaayo. 

Afaayo is committed to the enhancement of the standards of living for the rural pastors, ministers and so work hand in hand with them to help boost them.  At the end of the day, Christ is shared in these communities and we celebrate the souls that come back to Him.

The focus of the organization is on eliminating causes of poverty and disease while providing long-term solutions; therefore, Afaayo places great emphasis on education. In addition to paying for school fees (education is not free in Uganda), Afaayo seeks to provide AIDS and medical education and especially spiritual education through 
teaching and equipping people with the Bible. 

In an effort to provide long-term solutions, Afaayo will use larger contributions to provide small business opportunities for the families it supports ($277); thus, reducing the need for continued support. These income generating activities may include the purchase of livestock or the creation of small stores. 

Afaayo was started in 2009 by Ivan Kusasira. In sum, the goals of the foundation are: 
* Propagate the practical Christian faith 
* Managing a resource center for foster care and parenting of 
orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children 
* Transform the socio-economic status of needy families 
* Promote sustainable, community based health care 
education and sensitization 
* Operate Christian educational centers to promote moral 
and academic excellence 
* Advocating against child abuse or any form of inhuman 
behavior with an aim of inflicting pain